Editorial Note - Savoring Style

In this issue, we will describe more on how nowadays food, fashion and lifestyle interconnected to one another. People tend to be more experimental on things, how they look, how they show and express their personal taste, how they love to eat and be social at the same time!

Furthermore, in the edition, will cover on why food origin and authenticity matters, since its rooted from the culture. In Automation, fashionable car and gadgets are rapidly evolving. And how interesting to check out with current trends on restaurant design.

Also introducing the art of paper cutting Indonesia by Dewi Kocu. The founder of Cutteristic picked the traditional batik of Sidomukti as the theme for the cover of InClover. It symbolizes wealth and prosperity, perfectly suited as we enter the new year.

Another inspiring travel story, where InClover was invited to experience and explore to the Thailand Biennale 2018 in Krabi island. The island famous for its beautiful outdoors with stunning view and beaches, and the biennale it was a wonderful experience to witness on how natural sites and arts can charm and attract wanderlusters from all over the world, making Krabi even more as one of the most famous destinations in the world.

Stay social, be in style, eat well and live good!


Sri Utami