Editorial Note - Running Affairs

In this Running Affairs edition of the Inclover Magazine, we highlight the role of technology in the growth of travel and business, especially as we enter the mid-year period’s global peaks in these areas.

Travel has become a basic necessity in life, not only for work but as a means to contemplate and find one’s true self, balancing life from work. For an overseas destination, we look at Japan through a photo story representing traditions and interesting cultural aspects. From the Indonesian archipelago, we have Semarang, with its Dutch colonial heritage trails and buildings, culinary delights and so much more. Situated approximately 50 km east of Semarang, we also cover Kudus, the birth place of Indonesia’s “kretek” clove cigarettes, with its diverse culture of Hindu-Buddhist influences, from Majapahit to Moslems.

In business, we find an environment aggressively facing the 4.0 era. We feature hotels, premium offices and co-working spaces with every convenience to offer for leisure and business in a new form of Habitat. In our Pursuit section, we have interviewed JNE and the ACG School on how they run the business in the face of new challenges. Hearing from more experts, in Perspective we interviewed the Executive Director of EuroCham Indonesia, the General Manager of District8, and the Director of Commercial and Hospitality at PP Properti to share their insights into the current business climate.

In Gear, we discuss how to make modern day travel easier by deciding on the online travel apps available while also looking at compact printers and scanners to complement your business trip. In our book review, we have chosen two books as references in understanding a modern economy and what’s trending, the presence of cryptocurrencies and an understanding of the economy that goes beyond Economics 101.




InClover Team