Editorial Note - RIDING TREND

Finally, we are at the end of 2020, a challenging year in many aspects of life. Though we have to face all with big hope and spirit that time will surely come to rebound.  Get ourselves ready for a rebound year of 2021!

There are many signs point to a quick rebound for travel in 2021. Mostly because people will try to fulfill their adventure desires or simply just to use their travel vouchers which will expire soon. Travelers will have to time and plan their trips carefully. It is found strong interest in domestic destinations due to the covid-19 travel restrictions internationally.

On highlights: Mandalika, Lombok Island is getting ready to be the host as one of reserve Grand Prix MotoGP 2021 venues, which Mandalika International Street Circuit’s layout can be seen on the cover of this issue. Maumere, the seat capital of Sikka and largest city in Flores, with enticing colorful weaves. Kokoon Hotel Banyuwangi, a soothing haven, an exquisite blend of business, leisure and pleasure. GASINN Braga Bandung, a stay at an historic hotel with a story to tell. M Bloc Shophouse, a creative event space and live music venue with 12 stand out restaurants that represent Jakarta’s incredible dining culture.

While abroad, a bucket list of your dream destinations: Torino, the city of classic art with so many treasures inside. Munich, as the most populous city in Bavaria offers world-class museums and a glimpse of the future.

A closer look to 2021 trends, an exciting year and giving people a sense of hope, statement of optimism and the refresh that many are looking for rebound in career, fashion, automotive, beauty, business and many others.

Never stop hoping for a better 2021! With vaccine coming our way, this pandemic will soon be over, restoring tremendous optimism and renewed desire to travel, more creativity and live for all of humanity.

Happy New Year!


Sri Utami
Editor in Chief