Editorial Note - Palate & Precious

Slowly, we are coming towards the end of 2020, coexisting with the virus and the new normal. Through all the hard times, the downsides and uncertainties, we believe this too shall pass. Appreciating moments of togetherness with family, spending more time at home, and creating memories are the greatest treasures and precious in life.

As we know, the coronavirus has changed many aspects of our lives and industry, including the way we work, travel, shop, go to school or even just go out for a meal at a restaurant. Embracing the new normal in our lives has transformed our habits with the health and safety protocols that have to be followed requiring discipline and we have perspectives you may find useful in the articles of the Ramsay Sime Darby Healthcare Network and TÜV NORD Group.

A sense of hope is one of the most wonderful feelings we can wish for our family to have. This issue is meant to keep you inspired for your future travels along with things you can keep in mind as the world opens back up and you start to plan and book your trips. On the bucket list is Siena, a city in central Italy’s Tuscany region that is distinguished by its medieval brick buildings, Glacier 3000CH offers a high-level experience with a peak walk on the first suspension bridge in the vast mountains of the famous Swiss Alps, while Mentawai opens a window on the tropical rainforest island in West Sumatra where nature and the native Mentawai people are picturesque in their harmony. 

In the meantime, you may find recommendations for wandering domestically, visiting places and museums virtually, collecting fashionable face masks or simple take-out for meals to keep up our optimism in the new normal.

Sit Back, Stay Safe, Healthy and Be Happy!


Sri Utami
Editor in Chief