Editorial Note – Moving Generation

Family is home, family is everything!

When you feel all alone, family is only a call away to cheer you up. Of all the hectic days, family awaits you at home to comfort you. Through all your ups and downs, family will always stand by you. As important as any jobs in the whole wide world, family will accept you the way you are, no terms, no rules. Appreciating the moments spent together with the family, really nurtures our souls to become a better version of ourselves. The memories we create with our family is everything.

Family thing is everything, will be covered in this issue. Be it in any aspect in our daily lives, including family travel destinations, dining places, hobbies, education, health and many other experiences. Exciting destinations to spend holiday with your loved ones. Dining places with plenty of menu selections to satisfy every family member's appetite. Hobbies you spend together such as sightseeing, riding the MRT to explore Jakarta's new places, appreciating art at the museum, going camping outdoors, weekend staycation or even bonding time at home doing what you love most. Recommendations on how to prepare your children to study abroad and also health recommendations from father and son Urologists and an Pediatric Orthopedist.

Let's cherish and enjoy every moment we spend with our family and treasure them for ever


Sri Utami
Editor in Chief