Editorial Note – LIVING IMPULSE

Living in the new normal, co-existing with the covid-19 virus have changed many ways in our life. The way we do business, do shopping, dine-in, take away, travel and many others. In this issue, we present some articles on adaptation in the new normal. For example Virtual Travel - alternatives to International travel, Natural Ways to improve immunity, insights on Travel for Physical and Spiritual Health, Upgrading Your Skills during the pandemic, and Hotels upgrading their wellness facilities and products to better serve the guests.

In this wellness issue, we include selected recommended hospitals introducing their updates and center of excellence. St. Carolus hospital introduces Bone & Joint Center, Premier Bintaro hospital introduces their newly appointed Director, Premier Jatinegara hospital provides TeleHealth service in Cardiac & Cardiac Surgery, Premier Surabaya hospital provides Brain Tumor Clinic.

As traveling is still restricted in some countries, we have prepared recommended destinations for your future vacation abroad:  the natural paradise of Cradle Mountain, journey to the ancient Pompeii and the neighboring Amalfi coast. Within the archipelago, visit to the south-east edge of Bali Nusa Penida, and the beauty under the sea of Tabuhan Island and Laguna Gili.

And while the world is slowly moving, taking a break from the hectic life, we need to look back to our physical and mental health and the environment. Decathlon Indonesia bringing eco-friendly collections for everyone, Fullerton Health offering affordable and accessible healthcare, Hyundai introducing IONIQ Electric with clean technology and stylish mobility.

In the end, well-being is more than just a state-of-mind. Well-being is the experience of health, happiness and prosperity which includes having a good mental and physical health, ability to manage stress and a sense of meaning or purpose... let’s move ahead with optimism!


Sri Utami
Editor in Chief