Editorial Note - Fall Flavors

Our previous issue’s welcoming note expressed a humble invitation for all of you loyal readers to take part in our online endeavor. Allow me now to start off this issue by extending my utmost gratitude for all of your enthusiastic response! Some of these were like a wake-up call—blunt and to-the-point, and some were heartfelt and encouraging, but all of them were definitely constructive and would go a long way to improving our qualities in order to please you, the readers, even more.

As this is an ongoing quest—one that we cannot hope to succeed without your help—we would like to invite all of you to keep sending us your thoughts and feedbacks through our @InCloverMagz Twitter account and Facebook page (InClover Magazine) as we continue to work on our social media approach and content delivery method in order to better serve you, our dear readers. We will also be working on online contents and giveaways, so do be on the lookout for those as well.

Once again, thank you all! And now, let us talk about some interesting things you can expect to discover in this Fall Flavor issue. As you can easily gather from our main theme, this issue puts forward one of the best things one can enjoy in life: food. Whether its helpful discussions about the origin of flavors or how to maintain a healthy taste palate throughout your life to updates on new and interesting eateries in Jakarta and beyond as well as healthy food recipes, you are sure to feel enriched (and most likely hungrier) after flipping through the pages ahead. Our travel article this time around takes you to an up-close and personal look on Abu Dhabi and how to best enjoy your time in the crown jewel of the desert. Another spotlight destination is Melbourne, and we will show you what you can see, visit and especially eat over in this city in the Down under.

This issue we are also showing you a few world-class chefs who turned their creativity into the property business by running their own gorgeous hotels and villas that fused together luxurious living space and superb culinary experience.

If you’re a coffee guy (or girl), flip to our Gears section to check out some of our favorite at-home coffee machines to help you create that one composition that personally suits you best. Also around the house, other than it being convenient and a good past-time hobby, find out what to expect if you’re planning on cultivating your own herb garden. As we are getting ready to dig deeper into the menu, it is only fitting that I take my leave by reciting the wise words of Nobel Prize winner George Bernard Shaw who said, “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” May we all be graced to experience this different kind of love in a way that benefits us all.