Tokyo Metro Introduces TokyoGenicTravel with "Tokyo Subway Ticket"

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Inclover Magazine

Upon visiting Tokyo, skyscrapers are not the only dominant view around the city, a network of railways as mass transportation means tightly connects every point of the metropolis and below the visible surface, is the subway. As one of the two major subway operator, Tokyo Metro began its running as early as the 20's in the last century and continued to serve the commuting needs of the people ever since.

Keeping up with the spirit of Tokyo as the world's top tourist destination, Tokyo Metro launched the TokyoGenicTravel campaign, introducing Tokyo and Greater Tokyo's superb food, fashion, photography and souvenir hot spots, cooperating with one of Japan's most in vogue band, Silent Siren and the former member of JKT48 idol group as well as the Ambassador of Friendship of Indonesia and Japan's 60 years of diplomatic relations, Nakagawa Haruka for its release in Indonesia.

Tokyo Metro connects popular areas in Tokyo such as Ginza, Shibuya, Harajuku, Asakusa and Ueno, and with the Tokyo Subway ticket, travelers with foreign passport will experience an easier means to visit the aforementioned areas.

The ticket grants the holder to use the Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway as much as intended for a period of 24, 48, and 72 hours which counts from the moment the ticket is inserted into the machine. To further ease travelers' TokyoGenic adventures around the city, free Wi-Fi is ready to use in all Tokyo Metro stations in addition of Tokyo SUBWAY Navigation offline app for both Apple and Android users.