The edge Bali gains another achievement at The Bali Best Brand Award 2016

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Inclover Magazine

MESA Hotels and Resorts proudly announces great achievement received by one of its member, The edge Bali in The Bali Best Brand Award 2016 held on December 17, 2016 in Denpasar Bali, Indonesia.

Indeed, The Bali Best Brand Award 2016 has announced the winners of their 2016 Awards. The edge spa Bali, Indonesia was voted as “The Top Ten Best Spa In Hotel”. The spa’s innovative design may break new ground, but the soul of The Spa is as old as Bali itself. The Spa offers a quintessential Balinese spa experiences inspired by the four basic elements of the daily Balinese temple offering; sincere devotion, sacred flowers, holy water and life-sustaining rice.

The Bali Best Brand Award was held since 2010. Assessment and selection is done by the International jury, and the local government. The purpose of holding the event is as an appreciation to the outstanding entrepreneurs in Bali and it is expected to be able to further enhance the entrepreneurs through the performance, quality of products, services and human resources.

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