PP Hospitality announces their book launch, “The Smile Behind PP Hospitality”

Story By
Widia Arianti

PP Hospitality, a company under PT PP Properti Tbk, hosted a discussion on the launch day of their book titled, “The Smile Behind PP Hospitality”. The Smile Behind PP Hospitality is written by notable author, Erza S.T. and the artistic photographs are captured by the celebrated photographer and influencer, Alexander Thian (aMrazing). The book describes the journey of PP Hospitality catering customers’ needs with smile and warm hospitality for more than 10 years.

Furthermore, the book also tells us four hotels managed by PP Hospitality; PRIME PARK Hotel Bandung, PRIME PARK Hotel Pekanbaru, PARK Hotel Cawang – Jakarta and PALM PARK Hotel Surabaya. Expect another addition of the hotels, PRIME PARK Hotel & Convention Lombok, to be operated soon by the middle of 2020.