Off The Wall Jakarta 2019: Graffiti Art Collaboration, Indonesia and France

Story By
Widia Arianti
INSTITUT FRANÇAIS D'INDONÉSIE  (IFI) and YELLO Hotels worked toegther holding a live graffiti performance namely 'OFF THE WALL JAKARTA' as part of Art Movements project, through the collaboration of two street artists from France, Katre and L'Atlas along with two Indonesian street artists from Stereoflow and Darbotz at IFI, Thamrin on Sunday, 28 April 2019 simultaneously with car-free day and also took place on 4 May 2019. This activity was supported by TAUZIA Hotel Management, Agung Sedayu Grup, Indomobil Group, and Air France.
In addition, the artists also collaborated again creating a massive work at Duta Merlin Harmoni building on 4 May 2019. They will make a four large mural for the public to enjoy outside Duta Merlin Building.