All-You-Can-Eat Shabu-Shabu and Yakiniku at Shabu Hachi Gatot Subroto

Story By
Aditya Purwanto

The people's favorite all-you-can-eat Japanese shabu-shabu and yakiniku cook shop, Shabu Hachi opens a new spot on Jakarta's prime district, Gatot Subroto St. Located in the same complex as Satria Mandala Museum, Shabu Hachi Gatot Subroto offers every joyous thing the brand has to offer and a little more.

The shabu-shabu corner has 5 soup options and that includes the newest, Collagen Soup which is rich in flavor and very healthy, but the yakiniku, a.k.a. grill section serves a wider array of beef seasonings, such as Sweet and Spicy, Garlic Yakiniku and Salt & Pepper.

The grill menu is also made merrier with seafood, chicken, various satay and vegetables. Offering as low as IDR 98k++ per pax for group price, Shabu Hachi Gatot Subroto can serve 272 guests and private seatings for larger group of guests are available to be booked beforehand.