Yulie Nasution Grillon: Turning Passion into Business

Story By
Susanna Tjokro

With the right dinnerware, such as beautiful pieces from Y & D Setyohadi Dinnerware, you can transform the look of your dining table from plain to stylish with ease. Yulie Nasution Grillon, one half of the creative duo of painting artists behind Y & D Setyohadi Stylish Dinnerware, turns her passion for painting into business.

Yulie Nasution Grillon, a mother of three children and a successful entrepreneur, has a busy schedule to juggle; this art lover, the owner of Yulindra Gallery, is also a member of the Indonesian Watercolour Society as well as the ASEAN Watercolour Confederation.

However, somehow she finds the time to collaborate with her eldest daughter, Dara Setyohadi, in creating stylish dinnerware under the brand name Y & D Setyohadi. Both mother and daughter are passionate about painting; it is most likely that Y & D Setyohadi Dinnerware is the first (and only) collaborative painting project on dinnerware between mother and daughter, in the world.

Four dinnerware collections, which are made of either porcelain or bone china, have come out of their collaborative project – each collection portrays floral patterns. Not only beautiful, every design has a philosophy behind it, too – such as, their third collection, “Jasmine”, which symbolizes a mother’s unconditional love for her children.

“Blooming Blossoms”, the first collection, was inspired by Japanese cherry blossoms and launched in November 2010. This aesthetically pleasing contemporary tea, coffee and dinner selection, which depicta green tree with blooming white and pink flowers, are especially perfect for a garden tea party or al fresco dining.

The second collection features two series, namely “A Bunch of Tulips” and “Tulip Garden”; “A Bunch of Tulips” is dominated by a calming blue colour, while cheerful yellow is the dominant colour in the “Tulip Garden” collection. These lovely pieces, in vivid colours, will surely brighten up the dining table.

The luxurious “Jasmine”, their third collection that looks sleek and elegant, is made from exquisite bone china, rather than porcelain. Unlike the colourful previous series, the beautiful items in the “Jasmine” collection, which naturally depict jasmine flowers, come in black and white.

With its eye-catching, bold design in intense colours, “Roses”, their fourth collection, will surely put everyone at the table in a festive mood. This collection also adds a touch of romance to a candlelight dinner, as roses symbolize love.

As for the future, there are exciting plans in the pipeline, such as the launching of a hardcover book by Yulie and Dara, entitled “The Art of Table Setting”. This full-colour book features, among other things, the complete series of Y & D Setyohadi Dinnerware, table manners and various table settings (from casual to formal).

Yulie and Dara also plan to launch a new dinnerware collection called “Orchid”; however, inadequate time is a hindrance to their collaborative process, as both mother and daughter are busy professionals – it certainly takes time to create each collection. Despite the time consuming process before any dinnerware collection reachesthe market, Yulie enjoys the process, from drawing together with Dara to the finished outcome, their collaboration surely strengthens the bond between mother and daughter.

Yulia enthusiastically expresses her creativity and passion of painting through Y & D Setyohadi Stylish Dinnerware, which has won the hearts of well-heeled celebrities, high-profile socialites and the wives of ambassadors, among other clientele, turning her passion of painting into business successfully, Yulie Nasution Grillon is, indeed, a business woman by design, and an artist by heart.