When in Rome : "Buongiorno 2020" Collection by Ivan Gunawan

Story By
Yana Ghopar

Travel through Italy, especially Rome, has inspired the latest Ivan Gunawan fashion collection, Mandjha Hijab and Khalif Menswear.

Presenting the "Buongiorno 2020" collection, the beauty of the panoramic view of Italy with its architectural buildings in Rome, Verona, Palermo and Venice has been interpreted into rows of printing motifs in blues and browns on a variety of materials. There are 57 sets in the Mandjha Hijab collection and 30 sets in the Khalif Menswear collection ready to take over your wardrobe this Ramadhan.

An A-line moslem robe is the highlight of the Mandjha Hijab collection with pastel colors and striped prints as the base cloth material. Furthermore, the collection also varies with jeans, knitting, cotton, lace, pleats, and other matching plain materials. To make your look more sophisticated, the Mandja Hijab collection launches elegant outfits embellished with crystals.

The Khalif Menswear collection complements the Mandjha Hijab collection with matching couple outfits. Palazzo pants with a jacket, or oversized outer jackets, down jackets, and jumpers with lightweight capuchon, straight chino pants with a tailor cut, make it easier to mix and match with a preppy-scented shirt.

Complementing this collection, YT Utama Putra, a gold jewelry manufacturer, has collaborated with Manjdha to create a series of beautiful accessories made of top quality gold-plated materials. The accessories are expected to enhance the elegance of the hijab, such as hijab rings, brooches, pins, and pendant bracelets.