When Brands Get Personal

Story By
Joanna Leonardi

Every individual has a personal brand and how we "package” ourselves will determine our signature.

The word branding has been associated with companies for as long as we can remember, but lately it's getting personal. Outward grooming tips are all over the internet and Google offers more than a million results for grooming tips. What we're going to focus on is the slightly niche topic with significantly less results on Google, personality grooming, or as some might say personal branding.

► You're Your Own Brand

Every single one of us is unique, from our DNA to our problems, we have our own unique combination. We may not remember people's names, but we might remember someone as that person with the curly hair who told us a story about their hectic morning. To strangers, first sight matters. Every time you interact with someone, you leave them with an impression of you and that first impression transfers your personal brand to them. Strangers differentiate people based on how they represent themselves. Some may charm them on the first meeting, some may take a while. The good news is, you are the CEO of your personal brand in a world full of perceptions.

The way we dress affects our personal branding so we have the tendency to think people who sport glasses are smart, people who wear watches are punctual, and women who put on heels are fashionable. Just like product packaging, we tend to choose the most striking, distinctive, and compelling product on the shelf. Based on the same train of thought, many people want to communicate their one-of-a-kind personal branding in varied ways.

► Does It Matter?

If you have the impression building a personal brand is an exhausting and long process, well you're not wrong. You should see it as an investment in yourself and can think about it this way; Why does a company want to build a good brand? By building a good brand image, the company will earn people's attention, then trust, and eventually increase revenue. The same sequence applies to your personal brand, whether you want to take a step further in your current field or jump to a different field, your personal brand is your unique selling point.

Like any other investment, it takes a while and needs effort, but the results will be worthwhile. Investing your time in personal branding is essential if we don't want people to get the wrong idea of us.

► Be Utterly Groomed

When you first heard the word grooming, perhaps you unconsciously associated the word with slick hair and good looks, focusing only on the exterior. Grooming services have long been linked with this. However, we look completely groomed when we have that pleasant personality to match our shiny look. Come to think of it, our personality is not that different from our look, it's ever-changing and not set in stone. Even as an adult, it is completely normal to make some changes for, of course, the better version of us.

A strong personal brand relies on a strong narrative. Therefore, tell your story to the people around you. Make what makes you distinguishable and stand out. Personal branding is the process of identifying, positioning, and humbly promoting oneself, the thing that makes us, us. If you think that presenting yourself in a way that you think will reflect your personality, such as wearing the same color t-shirt everyday to reflect our humbleness, then go for it. If you want to color your hair with bold colors to match your vibrant personality, then do so. Similar to any other brand, your packaging should be unique, purposeful, and determined. Package yourself to be you and communicate yourself to be remarkably you. Because living a life when you are the best version of yourself is nothing short of extraordinary.

After realizing the importance of personal branding, we need to improve our traits to minimize the bad ones. Subsequently, it will be easier to make more friends and do better at work and eventually we will feel happier. Our joy and triumph often lie in how well we interact with others. Although it does help to some extent to have good looks and shiny hair, it would be better if those go hand in hand with a dazzling personality as well.

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