UNIQLO AIRism: Cool from the Inside

Story By
Cita Arsita Farani

An innerwear selection with innovative comfort.


There are a lot of ways to keep warm during cold weather, but few offer coolness in heat. AIRism came to be from the changing world and the need to adapt in today’s climate. Thorough research and collaborations with fabric manufacturers has resulted in a modern innovation that can be worn all year round, with ever-evolving features to ensure your comfort.

In a humid climate and high temperature, we sweat to release the heat. But when sweat is blocked from evaporating by our clothes, the heat remains stuck to our skin. AIRism, instead, disperses your sweat from underneath to let you breathe. This way, you can stay cool, comfortable and unbothered, day and night.

Offering multiple variations for men, women, and kids, AIRism comes with anti-microbe features and neutralizes any odor. It dries quickly and wicks away sweat. Light, thin, and elastic, with ultrafine texture that feels smooth on the skin, it’s designed to feel and look as if nothing is there and can adapt to both your activities and choice of wardrobe. The latest innovations bring several improvements. AIRism Micromesh uses a special fiber with 25% better air flow, 40 % better flexibility, and includes a seamless variant. AIRism Cotton uses double layers - cotton on the outside and AIRism on the inside - meaning it can be your new favorite t-shirt. For AIRism UV Protection, new variants include the sleeveless UV Cut High Neck T and UV Cut Leggings.