Try this Luxury Mattress for 100 Days

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Inclover Magazine
Innovative premium yet affordable foam mattress, Mimpi, is now available to improve your quality of sleep with 10 years warranty and 100 nights free trial. Designed originally in Belgium and manufactured in Indonesia, Mimpi avoids the widely adapted coil technology which can wear out overtime and causes back pain. It instead chooses to combine premium-quality materials layered one above the other.
These include Mimpi latex foam that provides the perfect bounce and keeps you cool at night, pressure-relieving and sinkable memory foam that provides the perfect support, high-resilience foam which stops the transfer of movement, and a firm-support base foam at the core that gives the mattress its ideal firmness. All the layers' special features promote good health and comfort for the user while maximizing durability.
“Everything is carefully selected to ensure that you get a perfectly balanced sleep, regardless of your body type or sleeping style,” states MIMPI founder and CEO Frank De Witte, adding that they use state-of-art technology to produce the mattress, having invested in in-depth research beforehand to ensure they create the perfect premium but affordable mattress for the Indonesian market.
Other prominent features include hygiene certification, removable and washable Belgian knit woven cover, and requires no maintenance such as flipping and rotating the mattress. Mimpi is available in 1L, 2L, 3L and 4L (layers of foam) ranging from single to Super King size. Custom shape and size requests are welcome. 
You can order online at with free delivery and your mattress will arrive in a compressed packaging that will serve a fun unpacking experience.