Story By
Widia Arianti

Trinity Youth Symphony Orchestra (TRUST) surprises us with the launch of their first album, titled “HARI INI INDAH”. Especially presented as a legacy for the younger generation, Trinity Optima Production as the recording label is also pleased to announce that the recording of the album was performed live by youth orchestra, making it the first in Indonesia. The first single in the album “HARI INI INDAH” is beautifully written and performed by the TRUST Orchestra, which will be available in two musical genres; Pop and Symphony Orchestra. Some Indonesian pop songs were selected to be included in this album and re-arranged in an orchestra version by several Indonesian music arrangers with various styles that show TRUST's expertise in displaying their arrangement works.

Led by Nathania Karina (Nia) as conductor and music director, TRUST managed to perform and receive awards at local and international music events, including World Orchestra Festival 2019 in Vienna. To add more on their achievements, TRUST Orchestra is also the pioneer of Indonesia Orchestra & Ensemble, the first orchestra and ensemble festival in South East Asia.

‘Hari ini Indah’ can be streamed easily on all of the major streaming services.