Travelling with Apps

Story By
Fauzan Anindya

With the rise in smartphone users over the past few years, many mobile apps are being made to ease our daily activities with a mere push of a button or two, giving us the ability to plan in comfort. This development has significantly helped those who enjoy travelling, with things like being able to prepare the trip from the ground up; starting from booking tickets, planning the way you’ll get around the place to what belongings you need for your holiday.


PackPoint is a brilliant app for you, lending a helping hand at sorting the things that you should bring during your trip. It lists your items based on your gender, destination, and days of travel, to activities that you are going to do during your venture. PackPoint also gives weather forecasts to prepare for the climate you will face during your journey. So, pack your bag and get yourself ready for your next adventure.


Duolingo provides its user a freemium learning course for the selected language should you need to learn for your travel destination. With an engaging interface and a fun approach to learning your chosen language, this app can help you learn while enjoying our time preparing for our trip.

Not only do they give you free lessons for the basics, they also offer a premium service that can enhance your learning experience with educational support and offline lessons.


With a detailed planning agenda and giving you ease of access by showing street maps, airport or terminal maps, TripIt gives a simpler approach to travelers managing their schedules.

The premium service grants a few more perks, such as check-in reminders, alternate flight paths or even a seat tracker to find the best place to enjoy your trip.