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With COVID-19 vaccines slowly rolling out, many of us are optimistic about returning to international travel. But for those who are impatient about booking their next holiday or who cannot contain their wanderlust, there are still some alternative options that you may not have considered which will get you excited to travel the world again.


♦ The Vatican and Sistine Chapel

Containing an extensive collection of art and archaeology gathered by Popes over the centuries since it was founded in the early 1500s, the Vatican Museums can now be enjoyed from your home with 360-degree tours of their famous collections and rooms. The Sistine Chapel, with its ceiling and altar wall painted by the Italian Renaissance painter, Michelangelo, can now be viewed in all its glory without the hassle and the tourist masses, making it a remarkable sight to witness.

♦ Digital Theatre

If you are missing the theatre, you can travel to London’s West End on Digital Theatre where you have access to Britain’s leading theatre companies. Their productions have been filmed live with high-definition technology to ensure you receive an authentic experience wherever you are watching. With Shakespeare’s Globe and the Royal Opera House as some of their official partners, you will be able to watch the best theatre productions in the world at an affordable price.


♦ The Rijksmuseum

For art connoisseurs and amateur historians, your appreciation of life’s beauty and mysteries do not need to stop because the gallery and the museum doors are closed. The Rijksmuseum contains 800 years of Dutch history within its walls and now they have their collections available to the international community. From virtual tours and behind-the-scenes footage to art classes and deep dives into your favourite works, there are plenty of opportunities to explore your creative side at Rijksmuseum.


♦ Travelxism Virtual Tours

What once started as a humble travel blog and YouTube channel, Travelxism is now a one-stop sustainable tourism and travel consultancy that has expanded into a tour provider having completed virtual tours in Indonesia, Australia, Japan and Sweden. Unlike the pre-recorded virtual tours uploaded online, Travelxism provides live, unedited tours that are catered to your questions about the location. It is as Travelxim’s CEO said in an interview, “With virtual tours you can travel without the borders, anywhere you want, whenever you want” making Travelxism an affordable, informative eco-friendly alternative to in-person travel.