Story By
Widia Arianti

For the latest phase of Reebok Classic’s INTERVAL shoe launch, the iconic brand has pulled together daring personalities from across Asia. This marks the latest bold step for INTERVAL, which resurfaced in July with a new take on the legendary OG design harking back to the mid 90s.

China’s William Chan, Korea’s Zico and Japan’s Yurino each come into the fold with the own individual take on the GO BOLD philosophy that exemplifies INTERVAL’s attention-grabbing design. Each demonstrates their daring vision through a specially-created video where they take a boring situation and turn it on its head with unexpected and bold moves.

For William Chan, that means taking a boring house party and turning the energy levels up to eleven. Taking inspiration from the boldness of the INTERVAL, he completely transforms the mood, bringing all other party guests along for the ride. Zico, meanwhile, takes the same inspiration to an otherwise boring hair salon where he uses bold styling to create wowing new looks. For Yurino, the INTERVAL is all she needs to turn a subway commute into an impromptu catwalk, with sensational results.

Reebok has never held back from big attitudes. INTERVAL is the culmination and embodiment of that history of big egos, bombastic dreams and bold style. With the latest launch this October, spearheaded by three of Asia’s most intrepid talents, more and more people are being given the opportunity to GO BOLD too.

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