“The Meeting Point” Art Pallete for The Notable Artists

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Inclover Magazine

Rumah Jawa recently became a meeting point for the lovers of masterpiece artists, namely Afdhal, Giring Prihatyasono, Hono SUN, Januri, Katirin, M.S. Wawan, Tjokorda Bagus Wiratmadja (Coki) and Tofan M.A. Siregar. With the palette technique, the eight artists revealed their ideas and explained honestly about the process of art as it invites us to reflect on every moment.

The theme, “The Meeting Point”, conveyed a life story filled with processes detailing the meeting of generations and their cultural roots that affect each artist’s mindset differently. This exhibition is expected to highlight the process of bringing together the pieces of the story of humanity’s long history.

The exhibition was officially opened by connoisseur, Heru Dewanto and lasted until 26th May 2018 at the Rumah Jawa Gallery. The exhibition was created in cooperation with Mr. RH. Sentot Panca Wardhana, SH, the owner of Qolbun Salim Fine Art.