The Loggia: Reversibility into Emptiness

Story By
Cita Arsita Farani
Marrying Japanese clean, minimalistic concept and Indonesian elements, The Loggia presents spacious, decluttered vertical residence in the heart of Jakarta. FARPOINT and Tokyo Tatemono collaborate with Atelier Bow-Wow to design each unit, focusing on transformable and multi-function space with plenty of storage. 
Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, Co-Principal Architect of Atelier Bow-Wow explained that he conducted research and observation with his team on how the people in Jakarta live and move around limited living space. From there, they created the concept of 'Reversible into Emptiness', where the layout and furniture allow the space to open up, while the details can give their own added value. For example, the front door is integrated with 'breathing doors' on the top part, which can be opened to allow the breeze flow in from the corridor. Said storage spaces are maximized vertically along the walls, and even under a raised bedroom in the 3BR unit, thanks to the 3 meter high ceiling. Bunk beds maximize the working space below them. Couch and dining table can be folded when they are not being used, turning the area into a communal space for families or visitors. 
The Indonesian elements are visible from the floor tiles made in Jogjakarta and the woven rattan on the separators and closet doors. The maid room is slightly humbler but humane with its own bathroom, bunk bed and working space. Staying true to Indonesian's highly social culture and the need to unwind in the big city, shared facilities are aplenty, from swimming pool, playgrounds, rooftop sky garden, sun deck, jogging path and many more. 
The Loggia is planned to commence construction in Q3 2019 and set to be completed on 2022.    
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