The Land and Sea of Banyuwangi

Story By
Cita Arsita Farani

On the easternmost end of Java, Banyuwangi welcomes visitors with its green international airport, amazing nature and friendly locals.

 Photos by Cita Arsita Farani

A vast savanna earned Baluran National Park its nickname ‘Africa van Java’, with wildlife such as deer, buffalo, monkeys and peacocks roaming around with the majestic view of Baluran Mountain in the distance. Homestays are available for guests who want an unobstructed view of the stars while also getting up close and personal with the animals that are most active during the morning and late afternoon.

Filled with towering rain trees, or trembesi in local language, the forest of Jawatan Benculuk offers a unique and magical ambiance.

A path through the mangrove forest next to Bama Beach leads to a viewing platform overlooking the sea.

The exotic, clean and quiet Bama Beach in Baluran National Park is perfect for swimming or just relaxing.

Reachable by a short boat ride or trekking through the forest, the hidden Green Bay is famous for its rock formations and the green shade of the water.

In these floating houses, you can swim with reef sharks and other fish that happen to be caught in the fishermen’s nets. 

Sammy is part of the Osing Tribe, natives of Banyuwangi. Proud of his culture and heritage, he works as a travel guide to show the true beauty of Banyuwangi, while also inviting visitors to Jopuro Cultural Village where they can get an authentic local experience among the Osing people.

A hill with red soil by Red Beach grants its name, and visitors can easily walk there during the low tide.

Part of West Bali National Park, this Ganesh statue stands in a Hindu temple on one side of Menjangan Island.