The Fairy Garden - David Arkenstone

Story By
Jim Gorjy

David is a composer and multi-instrumentalist with three Grammy nominations, and has released more than 30 studio albums. Most of his compositions are instrumental music, and has been categorized as new age music, symphonic-electronic music, film score, healing music, etheral-folk music, and other related genre. His music is atmospheric, soothing, balladry and lush, yet has mild upbeat progression in melodic sense

The Fairy Garden share a closer sense of an imaginative realm, as if in a garden of eden, where the music played by fairies tickling into ears and deep into mind. Kind of magic you would re-believe, such an adventure in fairy wonderland. This conceptual album with continuous instrumentalia features 12 instrumental tracks with lush orchestration, ethereal synthesizer, airy flute, heavenly harps and dramatic percussion. From the early burst of sunrise in Sunbreak, to driving rhythm of Morning Flight and Voice Of The Wood, to amazing flute-percussion blend in Garden Fair, to the evening enchantment in Pools of Moonlight. It truly has cinematic quality.

This is the music of ethereal beauty that restores calmness in your mind. A delightful musical fantasy, one of the finest treat from the master of instrumental music.