The Artful Vision of L'on

Story By
Inclover Magazine
Founded by a young visionary man, Dimas Tristan Till, the L'on brand was launched on 27 June 2018 through a presentation of its debut collection "AM.BIG.U.OUS".
Inspired by the textures of earth and nature, the collection consists of 80 pieces consistently designed with L'on's dark signature aesthetic, yet each one has their own unique characteristics heavily influenced by the design team's artistic perception.
The brand aims to create a new standard in creation process, from choosing the best suitable material, exotic at times, and integrating hand embroideries, hand embellishments, exotic materials, Swarovski stones and lace.
Dimas didn't have previous design experiences or education, but he dreams to turn L'on into a renowned brand in Indonesia and around the world, complete with its own multi-function production house and CSR programs. It's a long way to go, but "AM.BIG.U.OUS" showed a promising start. 
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