"The Art of Table Setting" by Yulinda Gallery

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Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta Keraton Hotel & Ifan Hartanto Photography have organized the "Christmas - New Year 2017" Joy to The World photo exhibition in Plaza Indonesia starting December through to January 2017 to complement "The Art of Table Setting" book launch by Yulie Nasution Grillon & Dara Setyohadi, the stylish painting of dinnerware that will be held in January 2017.

Table Setting Y & D Setyohadi

The Photo exhibition involves the female artists’ collaboration with table settings from Zara Home and Y & D Setyohadi dinnerware with a branded wardrobe and jewelry by Damiani Italy and officially opened by Mr. Triawan Munaf - Head of Creative Economy Indonesia (Barekraf)

Miss Karenina Suni, Miss Dara Setyohadi, Miss Cacha Frederica & Mrs. Annisa Pohan

Her Excellency Madame Debora Ho ( Ambassador of Panama to Indonesia)

Madame Yulie Nasution Grillon ( Spouse of fr. Ambassador Paraguay & Madame Diana Lopato Zagorskaya (Spouse of Ambassador of Belarus)

Mrs. Ello Kalla, Mrs. Indah Suryadharma Ali, Mrs. Miranda Gultom, Mrs. Ayu Heni Rosan & Mrs. Devy Permatasari

Mrs. Rosaline Lie, Madame Yulie Nasution Grillon & Mrs. Herlina Perdana

Mr. Yudhi Harijono, Madame Yulie Nasution Grillon, Mrs. Annisa Pohan & Miss Dara Setyohadi

Ms. Karenina Suni,Madame Yulie Nasution Grillon & Mrs. Sonia Wibisono