Tam Illi: Quirky Flairs

Story By
Cita Arsita Farani

An unusual construction of imagination.

At a single glance, the message Tam Illi delivers is clear: loud and quirky. With unusual aesthetics and bold colors, the beaded products of Tam Illi are attracting well-deserved attention and currently gaining popularity among those who love to make a statement.

Tam Illi began when Jasmin, the brand’s founder and designer, couldn’t find the accessory she wanted to wear, so she decided to make her own. Her love for handcraft and a combined background in architecture gave birth to a unique line of products that are hard to replicate. Each collection takes weeks, some even months for exploration and development. If they can’t find the materials they need, they make them on their own. None of Tam Illi’s products use glue. Instead, they use a wire framework designed to be invisible from the outside. All the other elements are then put together by hand.

The brand has been busy with collaborations from other fashion brands and illustrator Gema Semesta to AQUA mineral water, where they held a workshop and developed several products made from unused plastic bottles for display in an exhibition. This is something that is highly likely to be developed further in the future as the brand can create something with an added value for the environment. For their latest collaboration, they just launched an exclusive collection with Snuggleupkids, a kids’ concept store.

Currently, they’re looking to expand their production capacity to reach a wider market. They’re also developing a new collection and exploring new shapes and designs including their signature flower elements.