Stay Dry with Timberland

Story By
Michael Eaton

Those looking to stay stylish without sacrificing function this rainy season should check out Timberland’s collection of rain jackets, perfect for office workers to motorcycle drivers. The wet season’s heavy and unpredictable rains are the same every year, but that shouldn’t stop you from being able to live your life. With the right rain jacket, one can continue about their business while remaining safe and dry, but its important to ensure that you get the right kind for your own lifestyle.

Windbreakers are made of thin fabric, designed to protect against wind chill and light rains. Most of them have a high neckline that can be zipped, as well as elastics in the arms and on the waist. Since they are light, they can easily protect wearer against the elements while ensuring that you aren’t weighed down unnecessarily, making them perfect for those on motorbikes. The lightness and compact size also makes it simple to store the windbreaker is places like the glove compartment or under the seat when not in use.

Anoraks are ideal for the outdoor sportsman or woman, with longer cuts that come to waist or below, often with hoodies attached at the top. They are usually quite light, as they come sans fur trimmings or body trimming. Light and long, they are perfect for those who want a light jog regardless of what the weather is like and can be easily folded up and put into bags for those looking to travel light.

Bomber jackets offer a trendy alternative option, coming in various silhouettes that allow for you to perfectly complete the rest of your outfit. You can choose between puffy and thin cuts, but always fitted to the waist with necklines made of elastic materials. Depending on what it’s paired with, and the cut, a bomber jacket can look both elegantly trendy or casual. Its versatility makes it a perfect choice for those searching for multi-purpose outerwear, suitable for both in and out of the office.

Parkas are the final option, similar to anoraks but made with thicker padding or synthetic fabric that lets the wearer stay warm in the colder months. Long parkas that are up to the knees are a great choice for those looking for longer jackets that keep the legs and body dry. They also give their wearers a touch of style with their length, complemented by thinner cuts that are tighter around the waist and hips.

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