Smile, You Need It

Story By
Fauzan Anindya

A smile, this simple gesture defines a person’s happiness, sincerity or perseverance towards a matter at hand. This noble concept brings us to the idea of understanding someone’s upbringing as they cruise through their life and what they have encountered throughout their journey.

I’ll Drink To That by Betty Halbreich and Rebecca Parsley

Similar action and mindset is also needed to develop and to progress through tough times, aiming for the much needed push towards a better part of our life, something that Betty Halbreich did brilliantly as she endured many hardships within her earlier years. Before she reached the peak of her current career as the Director of Solutions at Bergoff & Goodman, the 86 year-old was referred to by many as the oldest personal shopper, with experience in many interesting things. Even with her experience of a fraying marriage that lasted for 20 years, resulting in her being admitted into a psychiatric hospital, she managed to get her break by landing a job at Bergoff & Goodman as a sales woman, so beginning her career and adventure into the world of fashion, giving her take on whatever was asked of her and turning her once bad past  into something wonderful.