Slow Dance Afloat Avalon Waterways River Cruise

Story By
Aditya Purwanto

Avalon Waterways’ history can be traced back to 1928 where it had its humble start as a boatmaking company. Back then, the giant snaking rivers of Europe acted as one of the major ways to travel and Avalon was and still is the major river cruise operator in the continent. The people of Avalon Waterways treat their company like a family heirloom, with utmost care and therefore such company culture is visible through the way Avalon treat their guests, embraced and respected as if a longed relative.

Now, Avalon Waterways serves river cruises not only on Europe’s most famous rivers such as the Rhine, Danube, Seine and Ijsselmeer, but also Mekong in Cambodia and Vietnam and the ever-majestic Amazon river.

Whichever river guests cruise on, Avalon Waterways’ armada are crafted to bring the utmost joy of river cruising. Vineyards, the Alps afar, friendly riverside dwellers, the calm river dynamics, friendly and ever helpful boat crews, every single Victorian adventurer’s romantic fantasy is brought to the guests enveloped with the charm of Avalon Waterways’ luxurious floating accommodation. The posh cabins of Avalon Waterways’ river cruise ships are designed so that guests can experience the beauty outside from the safe and controlled environment inside. The cabin window covers from wall-to-wall and ceiling-to-floor, presenting a wide view with minimal obstruction. Every cabin is lavished with fully equipped in-room toilet/bathroom and complimented with 4-times-a-day meals.

The sky deck is the perfect spot to bask in the atmosphere while relaxing on premium lounge chairs under the designated shade systems. The two lounges, Panorama and Club Lounge provides different types of beverages, light bites and snacks as well as past-time activities such as board and card games. A Main Dining Room with panoramic window is also available as well as a fully equipped Fitness Centre.

During the several days cruise package, Avalon Waterways’ ship will dock to some of Europe’s most enamouring towns where guests will be greeted by guide who will provide tales and narration while immersing in light strolls. The shore excursion will grant guests with VIP access to must-see destinations as well as the best locations to immerse in captivating local specialty such as brewery visit or wine tasting event. In this age where there are always new ways to impress, Avalon Waterways is constantly ahead of the way.