Sinur Linda Gustina – Director of Commercial and Hospitality PT. PP Properti Tbk “sustainably good living”

Story By
Sri Utami

PP Properti Tbk, whose slogan is “beyond space”, is an Indonesian property developer and a subsidiary of PT PP (Persero) Tbk, a State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN) in the field of construction services, realty and property, EPC, and investment since 1953.

They focus on managing a diverse portfolio of housing, offices, and apartments, as well as retail and commercial property in Indonesia in order to accommodate the growing needs of landed houses and apartments.

Another subsidiary layer is PP Hospitality whose Director of Commercial and Hospitality is S. Linda Gustina. Here, Ibu Linda shares the importance of ensuring and securing recurrent business to aid the company’s growth when facing the competitive economy situation. Currently, PP Hospitality manages its own properties that are spread across the big cities of Jakarta, Semarang, and Surabaya in Java & Lombok,plus upcoming but not yet to confirmed in Sumatera and Papua. “We are in business where construction is our core competency, where as a business developer recurring income varies over construction projects, hotels, apartments, shopping malls and heritage buildings.

PP Hospitality plays the roles of management and operator for hotels, apartments and shopping malls such as a joint partnership by BUMN to develop and renovate the unused sugar factory De Tjolomadoe in Solo. De Tjolomadoe is a cultural & exhibition center with a café & museum located on a 16-acre site originally built in the 19th century as a sugar factory site. De Tjolomadoe has already hosted various concerts from international and Indonesian musicians such as David Foster & friends, NOAH, and Padi.

They look for projects that bring investors profit for long term investment and through recurring income projects, for example with the development of one stop complexes of shopping malls, apartments, and hotels. They are currently managing 5 hotels and building 1 more. In the coming years, they will complete these complexes with various well-being facilities such as schools.

With her civil engineering education background, graduating from Brawijaya University, Linda is used to being surrounded by male friends and colleagues. She has also been familiar with the hotel business since childhood through her father. She started her career with construction projects in 1993 as an engineer before taking several professional courses to support her career path. From 2013-2016 Linda became General Manager for Hospitality in charge of opening and operation of Prime Park Hotel in Bandung. In 2016 she was promoted to Director of Commercial and Hospitality of PP Hospitality. During her time with the company she has lead several projects icluding De Tolomadoe synergy project, Indonesia Ferry Property, KidZania Grand Sungkono Lagoon in Surabaya, and Swiss-Belhotel Balikpapan.

Ibu Linda was awarded the Indonesia Property Award 2018 by Warta Ekonomi. She is a passionate business professional and also a mother who finds a balance for leisure and career. Her future vision is a concept of “sustainability good living” – sustainable in all living aspects that can make you feel good and comfortable. “The hospitality service is essential in every business. We are human beings that still need a social touch and value. Therefore it is essential to analyse market profiles when building a new project, to ensure personalised services meet the customers’ needs.”