Sarong Inspirations

Story By
Cita Arsita Farani

Widely recognized chef Will Meyrick returns with the latest print of his travelogue and cookbook.

In 2012, chef and restaurateur Will Meyrick published the first print of Sarong Inspirations which proceeded to become a best-seller. The book depicted Will’s travels throughout Asia including Laos, Cambodia, China, Thailand, India and Indonesia, told through narratives and gorgeous photographs as he tried local delicacies and street foods. These experiences later inspired him to create the recipes which fills the pages.

Now heading seven restaurants in Indonesia, Malaysia and Hong Kong, Will presents the new print of Sarong Inspirations featuring the latest updates on recipes he want to bring to the readers’ very own dining tables. Will put a short introduction for each cuisine, allowing the readers to learn a bit about its background.

What makes the book even more special is that every recipe also has their own Sarong Twist, offering alternative ingredients or explaining what makes it uniquely his compared to the traditional recipes. For example, the chicken for Chicken Tikka Masala is tandoored in the oven before making the curry, adding that extra punch of flavor. Bebek Madura Crispy Duck can be turned into grilled version for variation. The fish used in Wood Roasted Balinese Style Barramundi might be substituted with any white fleshed whole fish such as snapper or grouper. When making the Chiang Mai Pork Sausage, you can also use ground beef and venison for the sausage meat, mixed with red, green, or even yellow curry paste instead of spice paste for a totally different flavor and appearance.