Sarinah Brings a Fresh Concept

Story By
Widia Arianti

Although it’s known as Indonesia’s oldest shopping center, Sarinah continues to offer new experiences and is the shopping center of choice for many Jakarta residents.

Located on MH Thamrin street in Central Jakarta , Sarinah has recently begun operating again after its big renovation in 2020. Luxuriously designed and surrounded by greenery, Sarinah’s new look presents a fresh concept under the theme ‘Community Mall’ in which 95 percent of its outlets have been occupied by mainly micro, small, and medium enterprises. Starting from restaurants, food, and beverage stalls, to art and handcrafts, this underlines Sarinah’s continuous love and support for local products.

Let’s take a quick tour and find out what makes Sarinah even more special.

  • Amphitheater and Skydeck

To attract young visitors, Sarinah has established the amphitheater and skydeck whose main function is to hold creative events. These two areas are also perfect for anyone who’d love to hang out outdoors while snacking.

  • Sukarno’s Relief

Evoking memories from the past, Sarinah is proud to display Sukarno’s Relief, which was recently rediscovered during the renovations. The 50-year-old relief, 12 meters in height, potrays the life of society before Indonesia’s independence and is located at Sarinah’s Ground Floor. The first escalator in Indonesia and Kolam Pantul (Reflection Pool) can also be accessed by the public.

  • Sarinah Museum

While mainly a photo gallery, visitors are able to visualize Sarinah’s past, from every corner of the previous building to its current incarnation which are depicted beautifully through the photographs.

To see what the newly renovated Sarinah has to offer, come admire and experience the historical building from up close.