Samuel Siahaan, Executive Director of EuroCham Indonesia : “Preparation and Opportunity Meet for Success”

Story By
Sri Utami

 Strengthening and representing voice of European business interests in Indonesia

Collaborative partnerships for mutual advantages and opportunities across industries are growing significantly as a better entry point to certain markets or even communities. Each party, with their best feature, service or assistance, contributes to reach optimum results especially in the global market, where technology, luxury and lifestyle are in high demand to support businesses in any aspect. One such result is a collaboration between EuroCham Indonesia and District 8 SCBD by the Agung Sedayu Group managed by Colliers International to host the first behind the scenes preview in February 2019. This marked the unveiling of District 8 SCBD Jakarta exclusively to EuroCham Indonesia members to expand opportunities in the business and leisure market for the first time.

Could you tell us a bit about EuroCham’s working platforms:

EuroCham Indonesia works through its members currently focusing on nine working groups covering automotive, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, cross cultural, taxation, customs, logistics, hospitality and human resources, led by businesses

EuroCham Indonesia also plays a significant role in bridging European governments with Indonesian Ministry Departments, Vice Presidents or Presidents of the companies who have special interests with European businesses.

Eurocham Indonesia first began in 2004 and since then have been gradually developing working groups and actively involving advocacy through gatherings for the members.

Which sector offers better prospects in the current climate? Do you have any other prospects?

Consistently supporting potential 4.0 economies, especially in the pharmaceutical, automotive and international logistics areas, which very much require and involve advance technology in their industry. Other potential sectors in the pipeline are sustainability in economy and environment, cyber security with e-trade, hospitality and property businesses as shown by increasing members from JLL, Colliers, Jakarta Land and other property owners. For instance, the collaboration in organizing and hosting the first 2019 EuroCham Indonesia means that all three parties can introduce and expand into broader networks.

What are your expectations over the next few years? Do you have any other sectors to develop?

Indonesia has for decades been well-known globally for its tourism sector due to diverse culture, hospitable people and an overall sense of friendliness. Those advantages, inevitably, offer resourceful elements for job opportunities. EuroCham plays its advocacy role in ensuring that policies, regulations, IT and human resources can meet International standards for the members or partners or business owners when entering the tourism industry.

Another promising sector to develop is International logistics through logistics efficiency in producing higher quality end products so that Indonesia is even more attractive to the global market.

How do you see travel and business as a lifestyle in the future?

Business requires travel, but travel can be an amazing and soothing part of any business trip, if prepared and planned right.