Reinventing American Hot Dogs at Lawless Dog Bar

Story By
Aditya Purwanto

In contrast to its siblings at the Lawless Burger joints, the 90s, Sunset Boulevard, pop-punk vibe and great hot dogs are the mainstay at Lawless Dog Bar. Located in Blok M Square’s shopping district, Lawless Dog Bar is home to good old American Hot Dogs that have been reimagined and amplified with a combination of lavish and unique garnishes and the size of the homemade beef sausages.

You can choose from a range that includes curry, chili, cheese, or the Mexican corn elote garnish. From a menu loaded with options, the fan-favorite Dogzilla might outshine them all, while the DogStar, the basic hot dog, can also be easily elevated by adding from the complimentary assorted pickles. There’s also the three-flavor slurpy called Cool Runnings that you just have to try as it’s the perfect company for Jakarta’s humidity.