Redefining Outdoor Cooking

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Inclover Magazine
MFK Foodservice Equipment, Indonesian leading supplier of commercial kitchen appliances, introduces an exciting way to entertain your guests outdoor. The OFYR series is a gorgeous and versatile grill collection designed with utility and aesthetic in mind. It doesn't just cook your food, it can serve as a fire pit in a cold night and a great conversation starter.
The grill itself is available in several variants, including the classic version with storage, for wood or charcoal, and the island version. The main part is a cone shaped fire bowl with flat surfaces for your cooking session. During the event, Chef Roni Paskah from MFK demonstrated cooking various dishes from sunny side up and sausages to skewered chicken, wagyu steak and boiling water. Additional accessories such as Grill Round, Brazilian Grill and Horizontal Skewer allow even more variety of meals and cooking methods. 
The event was supported by Cerita Rasa Restaurant, PD. Panen Raya fresh vegetable & fruits supplier, and Tokusen Wagyu Beef. Tokusen Wagyu Beef is a halal and locally produced premium beef brand produced using only the best-certified and full blood wagyu bulls, living in the most idyllic environment under the watchful eyes of a veterinarian team. The meat is then processed and aged until it reaches maximum tenderness, texture and flavor.  
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