Productivity-Boosting Apps

Story By
Kevin Riel

In this modern age, attaining your optimum productivity is a challenge, especially considering the massive amount of content you can access just through the tap of your finger. However, such convenience can also be utilized to maximize your daily performance. These apps understand just that and are definitely going to help you achieve your goals, one step at a time.

♦ HabitHub

Building good habits is the first step for you to reach your optimum self. Oftentimes, it is hard for us to maintain our consistency in building habits since there’s really no one to watch and keep track or remind us. Habithub does exactly that, and more.

Habithub helps you find consistency in building your habits through tracking them and maintains that consistency through daily reminders. Its industrial interface is easy to use, focusing entirely on the habits that you need to build, so as not to be too distracting. It also tracks goals for you to achieve as you continue to improve.

♦ Pocket

Remember that time when you found an interesting article, which edout to be too long to read at that moment. You probably decided to read it later, but ended up forgetting to read it entirely? Pocket solves that problem for you. In this age of information, it is important for us to manage things that we need to read before it gets swallowed up by the motherload of newer information that will take over our interest pretty quickly.

Pocket helps you manage webpages, tweets, or news articles that you want to read later in one simple app. The app is integrated on several social media apps, and most browsers. All you have to do is press share, and select Pocket, and then the app will store the article or tweet in an RSS-like feed. It can archive things which you have read and will probably read again in the future and also comes with sharing features to ensure your friends or family don’t miss the fresh, old news of the day.

♦ Noisli

Research has found that white noise helps you concentrate better through the release of chemicals in your brain that improve executive functions which, in turn, enhance your focus. Oftentimes, the noise caused can become too much for us to bear, just for the sake of concentration.

Noisli works on that problem, utilising ambiance to help us adapt to the use of white noise to maintain concentration. The app provides natural and artificial ambiance such as light and heavy rain, spinning fans, people chattering, and train tracks, to soft wind. It also provides three options of noises that you can also mix-and-match with the ambiance: white, brown, and pink.


Sometimes, all you need to do is to plan your day, without any hassle. Some apps provide these options, but they’re just too complicated to use, which, in turn, slows you down.

If you often feel bogged down by planning your day, will help you by making things easier. This app took the initiative to integrate the calendar, reminder, and planner into one simple, clean interface that leaves the hassle out of your daily planning.

All you have to do is to type your plans down, put a reminder on it, and when you’re done, you’ll only need to scratch them, and shake your phone to clear out the list. It also provides the option for tags so that you can ensure none of your personal tasks get jumbled with work or house chores.

♦ Trello

Trello is an app that will help you in managing your projects, be they professional or personal. Trello utilizes boards that you can fill with to-do lists, assignments, tasks, simple notes, and even files or videos.

The boards can also be shared and connected to other users. The boards can be managed by multiple users at once, providing a platform for brainstorming and collaboration. Through this, your colleagues, clients, or team can keep up with the development of the project or contribute to it. It’s as easy as a tap of the screen.