Prambanan Jazz Festival is soon to be held again this year!

Story By
Widia Arianti

Under the theme ‘Borneo Goes to Prambanan Jazz Virtual Festival’, the festival presents competition program which aims to find new talented musicians from Kalimantan to perform in Prambanan Jazz Virtual Festival 2021 with other notable national musicians on 11-12 September 2021.

The participants of the 'Borneo Goes To Prambanan Jazz Virtual Festival' are expected to meet the requirements as follows; musicians/bands domiciled in Kalimantan, match the character of the music festival, and have at least three original works. The winners of the Prambanan Jazz Virtual Festival will perform at least their four original songs. Before appearing at the Prambanan Jazz Festival 2021, the selected musicians will also be included in webinar events at Bengkel Musik and other talk shows about the music industry. Through 'Borneo Goes To Prambanan Jazz Virtual Festival', it is expected that these new talented musicians from Kalimantan will grow Indonesia’s music scene.