Polishing Phone Photography

Story By
Kevin Riel

Achieving the quality that professional photographers produce seem to be impossible when all you have is your iPhone. However, the fact that Steven Soderbergh shot his latest film, Unsane, entirely on an iPhone 7 might make you rethink your opinion. Utilizing the following tools, producing high-quality, professional photos are just a tap away.

♦ Moment New Wide and Telephoto Lens

The only limitations that stops us from achieving similar quality to market mirrorless camera by using our iPhones are that the lenses. Of course, that is a granted, considering that it was aimed to be able to fit into our pockets. One way to improve this is by using external, attachable lenses. Standing apart from the market saturated by subpar clip-on lenses, Moment’s New Wide and Telephoto lenses can assist you attain the high-quality and print-ready results you’ve always wanted.

The wide lens expands the magnification up to about 0.63 times of the default, helping you capture that perfect panoramic shot you’ve always wanted. The 2x telephoto lend extends your phone’s optical zoom without degrading much of your picture’s quality as digital zoom can. Both lenses provide results that are expected of Moment’s line of product.

♦ Olloclip Core Lens for iPhone7 and 7 Plus

For more casual iPhone photographers looking for a quick, high-quality snaps for to adorn their Instagram page, Olloclip’s Core Lens can provide the improvement required. The kit contains three different lenses that you can cycle through: The wide-angle lens (which gives you around the same amount of magnification as Moment’s wide lens), the fish eye lens, and the 15x macro combo kit. This combination provides you with much versatility that you require to experiment with such variety of lens attachment and configuration.

♦ Grip Tight Gorillapods

A tripod is essential piece of photography accessory a budding photographer must own. It is essential for long exposures and selfies. However, if you want to keep your options mobile, Gorrilapods are the one that you’ll need.

Building on the basics of tripod (having three legs for stabilized photo shoots), Grip Tight Gorillapods expands upon the idea, and opted to have the prongs flexible so that it could be used to wrap around objects such as poles, trees, and and fences to brace your iPhone for taking pictures. These tripods are highly portable, compact, flexible, and versatile. The newer models even have magnetic feet for sticking onto metal surfaces.

♦ Manfrotto ML240

When taking pictures in low-light situations, there’s no doubt that iPhone’s flash works well enough to take good pictures. However, there are several limitations to it, usually related to the lack of power adjustment, which is bad if you require specific amount or kind of lighting when trying to take semi-professional photos.

An external light source can help you in this department through providing better quality of light, and Manfrotto ML240 does more than just that. It is a basic, yet powerful and versatile and stable source of light that can be used for something as simple as direct lighting, or for dramatic effects through usage of filters. ML240’s LED bulbs are powerful, yet it is very portable and easy to carry. And more importantly, it provides an adjustability which default iPhone flash doesn’t offer.