Pioneering Exclusive Eco-Resorts and Lifestyle

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Sri Utami
With pristine white beaches, turquoise waters, vibrant coral reefs and vivid marine life, the Gili islands offer one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful tropical experiences. Now, a new luxury resort with sustainability at its heart is making the most of this amazing destination.

In this issue, we are introducing another member of EuroCham Indonesia, Steinberg Protocol, the Singapore based company whose 15 ‘subsidiaries’ include extensive experience and expertise across various industries, including hospitality.

Called ‘Ama-Lurra’ – after Mother Nature herself – the resort is the latest project from Eastern Latitudes, Steinberg Protocol’s hospitality division. Guillaume Catala, Group CEO of Steinberg Protocol, explains that, like all of the group’s businesses, Ama-Lurra has been designed for long-term social impact and sustainability, sharing the company’s core DNA of ‘People, Planet, Profit’.

“For the past few years, there has been a growing trend among sophisticated consumers for environmentally friend resorts and hotels which offer an exclusive and authentic experience, without harming the environment. This is whaere the idea of Ama-Lurra was born.

“The Ama-Lurra Lagoon resort has been designed for the seasoned traveller who not only desires luxury and an authentic local experience, but who expects every aspect of their resort experience to be eco-friendly, with a zero-carbon footprint and a genuine benefit for the local community.”

Nestled among the gorgeous natural beauty of Gili Air, one of the three Gili islands in West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, Ama-Lurra delivers on all these expectations. Arief Yahya, Indonesia’s Minister of Tourism at the time, completed the ground breaking ceremony in February 2018, and the first stage of the project – 12 single-storey, one-bedroom boutique villas, each with a private salt-water plunge pool – opens for daily and weekly stays from mid-January 2020.

“Ama-Lurra is a pioneer in exclusive, off-the-grid eco-resorts, as one of the first in Indonesia to fully generate its own electricity and partially recycle its waste water, with further potential for eco-friendly innovations are set to be introduced in future,” Catala explains, adding that the name Ama-Lurra means ‘Mother Nature’ in Basque, Europe’s oldest living language which originates from the western border of France and Spain.

“Gili is a magnet for foreign tourists, and Ama-Lurra provides the ideal luxury base for visitors to immerse themselves in the local Indonesian experience, in on-site pavilions which will host explorations of culinary experiences and cultural activities, like learning to play traditional music or making batik, for example, and through excursions to local villages.

Now that the first stage of Ama-Lurra is set to open in just a few weeks, the group is turning its attention to another project ‘in the pipeline’, located in West Java with similar stunning local beaches, mountains and scenic vistas. A third potential project is being scoped for Japan.

“Ama-Lurra is just the first step,” he says. “At Steinberg Protocol we are committed to applying the most advanced technology to design and deliver resorts and businesses at large which preserve our precious environment and illustrate our philosophy: That it is absolutely possible for humans to live happily and in harmony with Mother Nature.”