Pascal Caubo, General Manager of Intercontinental Bandung Dago Pakar: Perfecting Your Stay

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Cita Arsita Farani

From a myriad of options for events to continuous service improvements, the hotel aims to make your stay perfect.

When asked about his version of a perfect day of leisure at the hotel, Pascal Caubo, General Manager of Intercontinental Bandung Dago Pakar said, “Sleep long. Have some breakfast. I like to sit here, outdoors, when the weather is beautiful.” He was referring to the terrace of the all-day dining Damai restaurant that offers an unobstructed view over the hills and city. He then added that he would spend some time at the swimming pool and enjoy some Sundanese food readily available at the hotel including the signature Nasi Goreng Cikur Bakar, Lontong Opor and Batagor. Beyond the hotel, he would do some shopping, explore the architectural sights and visit local attractions such as Tebing Keraton and Kawah Putih.

His itinerary sounds like an ideal plan for travelers looking to spend some relaxing time, especially as the hotel is located away from the busy city, while offering a lot of added values. There’s a concierge lounge for friendly and open services, glass walls for natural lighting, plenty of outdoor spaces to breathe in the fresh air and heated pool water all day long. The gym features weekend classes and advanced technologies such as treadmills connected to the internet for checking emails and watching online videos. Tian Jing Lou restaurant on the 18th floor is headed by a chef from Beijing, offering an all-you-can-eat dim sum package on weekends and authentic Chinese dishes. Families can also make the most of the kids’ activities such as kite coloring and horse riding. For those who prefer utmost privacy, the majority of the whirlpool-equipped villas can only be reached by riding a buggy from the hotel entrance.

With excellent meeting facilities, the hotel is also dedicated to business travelers, especially those looking to mix their productive day with some time to unwind in the beautiful environment. But Intercontinental Bandung Dago Pakar is currently famous for different kinds of wedding packages including Traditional, Indian and Chinese. Couples and their families even fly in from other countries to commemorate their special day. The venue options are abundant - from Tian Jing Lou restaurant, Ballroom, Wedding Hall, Diamond, to the grass field by the pool.

The Wedding Hall is made of glass and marble, setting up a luxurious atmosphere. For huge, dramatic weddings, the pillarless Ballroom space welcomes up to 3,000 people and allows a big stage with a permanently-built LED screen, a hydraulic stage and a floating gondola. The recently developed Diamond is rapidly gaining popularity as a semi-outdoor venue separated from the main hotel building, set up for customized decorations and themes, enough to accommodate up to 1,000 people and featuring a glass chapel with a view of Bandung.

Several improvements are in the works to further perfect the guests’ experience. The Kids Club will include more outdoor activities and playground along with traditional games. As the number of weddings and events increase, the hotel is looking into updating and reorganizing its infrastructure to better service the guests in a more optimized sequence. The growing demand for meetings might also lead to an expansion of the meeting rooms and training programs are continually updated for new and existing staff. “Those are the little differences we’re trying to make. Of course, everybody has a beautiful 5-star hotel, so we’re trying to make a difference in terms of our service,” Pascal concluded.

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