Pala Nusantara: Ahead in Trend

Story By
Cita Arsita Farani

Signature urban watch designs and revolutionary consciousness towards the environment.


When other watches are built smaller and ‘prettier’, Pala Nusantara have stood out with a bulky aesthetic, wooden body and a strong identity since 2018. Pala itself means nutmeg, an important spice that has a long history in Indonesia, and Nusantara means a broad landscape, archipelago and oceans, originating from the eastern part of the world. Together, they represent the vision and identity of the brand, with each product telling a story about Indonesia allowing their customers to also become storytellers.

The high craftsmanship marries engineering and design, making it tough to replicate while offering unique features such as easily interchangeable straps. At the same time, it also creates its own market through innovation. In collaboration with Mycotech, Pala Nusantara has introduced the first, award-winning, vegan watch in the world. The strap is made out of mushroom through an environmentally-friendly process, thoroughly researched to match the look, quality, and durability of genuine leather. It has gained huge popularity among the environmentally conscious, especially overseas.

Next for Pala Nusantara is the process of collaborating with several Indonesian artists, including Muklay, for limited collections. The brand is also developing a different kind of organic watch strap, utilizing chicken feet skin food waste to imitate the look of exotic animal leather. There’s no plan to change the general aesthetic, though. The visionary design of Pala Nusantara is here to stay, and the trend is expected to continue rising in the years to come.