Pack Smarter, Travel Easier

Story By
Isaac William Jefferson Mandagie

Tired of travelling using your regular luggage because it’s hard to carry around? Instead of helping, you feel that your luggage seems to be a burden? Choosing the right luggage can help you travel smarter so, here are some of our recommendations.


The G-RO Carry-On Classic

Having a rolling suitcase means you know about the awkwardness of shuffling up any flight of stairs — your bag knocking into each step, producing fantastically embarrassing scenes for everyone around you to throw side-eye at.

The G-RO’s wheels seem to defy gravity, solving this issue and turning your bag into all-terrain luggage. Using its GravityRoll™ technology, the G-RO shifts weight to the bottom of the suitcase, making it feel much lighter as you roll over bumps, steps, puddles, and even snow.

Though the wheels aren't the sexiest-looking, they are extremely durable and made to last. The G-RO also includes a removable 10,000 mAh power bank for charging devices and a luggage strap for any additional baggage.


Samsara Carry-On Suitcase

Do you sometimes need to get work done while on-the-go but you know that transportation hubs rarely have a legitimate work station available? The answer is simple, the Samsara carry-on suitcase.

Aside from its unique smart features, its flat-top design is its true selling point. Just flip the case on its side and you have a mobile desk. It has your usual removable USB battery charger, and even comes with a helpful set of organizational packing bags. Something we haven't seen before, though, is the inclusion of interior LED lights that can be used when your surroundings are too dark. While we don’t think you are going to be opening your suitcase in the pitch black that regularly, you'll also have access to a companion smartphone app that tracks the suitcase's movement and can alert you if anyone is opening it while out of sight.


Samsonite GeoTrakR

Did you know that 3,000 pieces of lost luggage are filed every hour worldwide? If you don't want your luggage to be included in the count, consider investing in the Samsonite GeoTrakR that come with a LugLoc locator device integrated right into the design, allowing owners to track their luggage anytime.

LugLoc is a leader in luggage tracking, offering locator devices to be used with your current analog bags. The device connects with an app, allowing you to conveniently pinpoint the location of your lost bags with just a touch of your smartphone.

The tracking device is integrated and removable and won't add to your luggage's weight as it comes in at only 2.71 oz. You also don't have to worry about its accelerometer interfering with the avionic signals as it shuts off during the entire flight and turns back on when the it comes to a full stop.



Don’t let the looks fool you because Modobag is the only piece of smart luggage that carries you — not the other way around. Modobag isn't just a suitcase, it's also a motorized scooter. It can travel for an impressive 6 miles on one charge and clocks in at about 8 miles per hour. When traveling shorter distances, it can be converted into a regular two-wheel roller bag. This little powerhouse can carry up to 120 kg and includes a backlit USB dashboard where you can charge your devices, the bag itself, and check the suitcase's remaining power. There’s no need to be afraid of your items getting crushed by your weight because Modobag employs a crush-resistant aluminum chassis to protect everything inside at all times.

Is it completely necessary? Well, that's up to you, but one thing is for sure — you'll certainly turn heads with this.