Nissan LEAF: Driving Cool and Green

Story By
Aditya Purwanto

Nissan’s next generation EV carves a path into a cleaner and more ethical way of city navigation.

Nissan’s electric vehicle history goes way back, before the boom in the 21st century. Post WWII Japan was short on crude oil but overflowing with electricity. The government pushed manufacturers to utilise this excess by building battery-powered people carriers and thus, the Nissan Tama was introduced. Its 3.3kW 40Volt battery was able to take the plucky little car as far as 65km. Nissan have continued their work building concept cars based on existing models as well as others  powered by improved battery technology until the best combination was achieved with the birth of the Nissan LEAF.

Intelligent innovation is key in Nissan’s book and the LEAF is filled to the brim with new driving technology, improving the driving experience as well as introducing revolutionary ways of electric car manufacturing. Dubbed simply as e-POWER, Nissan LEAF’s latest drivetrain system is able to generate 320Nm of instantaneous no-emission torque that is 30% quieter and 14% more powerful than the internal combustion engine and hybrids from their competitors. With Nissan Intelligent Power, the LEAF is capable of reaching 270km to 322km on different models complete with three modes of charging that affect charging duration. The common 15A 240V wall socket will fully charge the LEAF from a near-discharged condition to full in 24 hours, while a Wallbox assisted charging will complete the job in 7,5 to 8 hours. Aside from these two methods, a 50KwH CHAdeMO quick charge point will fill 80% of battery capacity in about 60 minutes from the moment the warning indicator flashes on.

The Nissan LEAF also has integrated a smart accelerate/decelerate system called Nissan Intelligent Driving which is controlled by a single e-Pedal. This system removes the need to use the conventional braking and thus will reduce driver fatigue in heavy traffic. A feature called Auto Hold will also apply hydraulic brakes automatically on all four wheels after complete stop and will be easily deactivated by stepping on the accelerator pedal, this feature has been especially designed with traffic jam conditions in mind.

The interior of the Nissan LEAF defines relaxed and premium styling, thanks to carefully selected materials and its driver-centric cabin design. The front panel’s “gliding wing” style integrates effective information displayed in the dashboard and a soothing, blue accent mood lighting equipped with a TFT 7inch full color screen which has been redesigned to include several features such as a navigation system, Safety Shield power control technology, and audio system powered by the BOSE Energy Efficient Series Premium Audio System.