New Vespa GTS Super 150 i-get ABS: An Avant-Garde Marvel

Story By
Aditya Purwanto

A new breed of legendary steed with brilliant technology.

“Don’t fix it if it isn’t broken.” While some might abuse that sentence for an excuse to be lazy, for Vespa, the sentence conveys their essence of preserving historical values and traditions. Vespa applies these values to its iconic style and design while revolutionizing its technology in tune with current trends and ever-improving safety standards.

Started in 1977 with the flagship model Vespa PX, Vespa’s ‘big body family’ has evolved over decades to its current embodiment, dubbed the Vespa GTS. The avant-garde model balances tradition and modernity throughout.

The new styling is visible from the fresh front tie design, chromed horn cover and chrome-plated crest on the front mudguard. Other improved aesthetic aspects can be found on the honeycomb motifs on both shields and chromed mirrors. Two 12-inch black glossy wheels strengthen manoeuvring capabilities while also providing the whole silhouette with refinement. The new Vespa GTS Super 150 is equipped with i-get (Italian Green Experience Technology) engine technology which improves fuel efficiency while also providing the ride with extra power. More up-to-date features can be found in USB port, bike finder, Electric Remote Opening System on Saddle and star-stop engine.

The Vespa GTS Super 150 adapts LED lighting on the front and back, resulting in widespread visibility in any weather. Stopping power is improved with a dual canal ABS system which is also equipped with more safety features such as tilt sensor and immobilizer for better riding comfort. Available in four elegant color options; Yellow Sole, White Innocenza, Black Vulcano and Red Passione, the Vespa GTS Super 150 comes with a 3-year warranty for periodic check-ups and components. In conclusion, perfected technology and service compliment Vespa’s Italian premium riding experience.