New Authentic Delicacies at Kaum Jakarta

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Inclover Magazine
Inspired by Indonesia’s rare and almost-forgotten ingredients and cooking techniques from Java, Sumatra, Bali and beyond, Kaum Jakarta's revamped menu continues to showcase the very best of Indonesia's rich culinary heritage.
The new menu highlights various sambals from all over Indonesia to complement the dishes. Some that come with sambal include Ayam Gemes, the evolution of Kaum's signature Ayam Berantakan; Ayam Bekakak, chargrilled whole chicken known as a sacred offering in religious ceremonies in Bali; and stir fried soft shell crab with sweet and spicy sauce. Feeling adventurous? Try switching the sambal or even mixing them together. 
Other must try dishes are Wok-fried rice and noodles with house-smoked tuna which is the chef's original creation, and Tahu Gejrot, everyone's favorite sweet fried bean curd. From the dessert department, Es Podeng Manten is kopyor coconut ice shake with various toppings and sides, including specialty ingredient Tape Ketan Daun Katuk from Cirebon, which is fermented sweet glutinous rice infused with star gooseberry leaves. If you love chocolate, you really can't miss out on Baked Flores chocolate cake, layered with shredded coconut cream and served with caramel cashew sauce.
Kaum's Brand Director Lisa Virgiano and team also introduced the sambals in a more in-depth approach through a sambal making workshop, using authentic Indonesian stone mortar and pestle from Muntilan. The workshop covers three types of sambals, all available to complement the new dishes and as additional servings in case the guests want to mix them with something different. Lombok's specialty Sambal Plecing is meticulously made by grinding the ingredients first with the mortar and pestle before mixing and heating them on the pan to maintain its freshness.
Taking notes from East Indonesia's Sambal Colo-Colo, Kaum created their own recipe to better suit their new menu. For Bali's Sambal Matah, they used kecombrang (torch ginger flower) and mixed all the ingredients by hand before letting it rest for 30 minutes.