Monica Ivena, Capturing the Beauty in Elegancy and Luxury

Story By
Yana Ghopar

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the fashion brand Monica Ivena held its annual fashion show through her Youtube channel on March 6, 2022.  On this occasion, the launch of the new logo followed the reveal of twenty-five creations in a detailed design line. This beautiful collection, under the title “Resilience”, showcases a feeling of strength, wrapped in elegance and luxury.

The inspiration comes from depictions of the characteristics of multi-faceted women who are brave and tough, women with big hearts, smart and sincere, and who have become the protectors of those around them.

Fashion collections that represent rich characters often contradict yet ultimately complement each other.  Monica Ivena presents challenges - dresses that are tumultuous yet gentle,  charismatic yet both beautiful and strong at the same time.  The black form-fitting fashion styles, with elegant silver and gold, emit an intense character.  

Embroidery, glitter beads, and bling match with a variety of material textures emphasizing the ways in which Monica Ivena's design lines are known to be full of surprising details and graceful luxury.