Mirrorless, Affordable

Story By
Aurora Chen

Amateur photo enthusiasts looking to move beyond their digital pocket camera but don’t want to commit to a big DSLR would find both Sony Alpha 5000 and Alpha 6000 a solid and attainable entry-level choice.

Sony Indonesia has officially launched two of its latest digital mirrorless camera: Alpha 5000 and Alpha 6000. In terms of sophistication, mirrorless camera is basically the same as DSLR. It features interchangeable lens which is available in various types. However, unlike the DSLR, it doesn’t need a mirror. DSLR needs mirror to divert the light from the lens into a viewfinder so the photographer can see exactly what the camera sees. As one takes a picture, the mirror flips up out of the way and a shutter in front of the image sensor opens allowing the sensor to capture the image. You don’t get this mechanism when using a mirrorless camera. You can directly see your object displayed on the LCD screen, as in a pocket camera. 

Because of this specification, mirrorless camera is said to be the future of camera. For me, the camera will be a brilliant solution when I need to pack light during traveling, but still wish to take home high quality pictures from the trip, or when I want to take pictures in places that don’t allow professional cameras – just saying. 

The Alpha 5000 is marketed as the world’s lightest digital camera with interchangeable lens, tilting rear display, compact body and lens, built-in flash, good high ISO images, Wi-Fi and integrated NFC which allows the camera to be linked to other NFC devices to transfer and share images, and what’s more, an attractive price tag.  

Meanwhile, the Alpha 6000 looks top notch as far as specifications are concerned, promising the fastest possible autofocus to capture spontaneous moments, apart from other highlights including its lightness, small size and affordable price. Overall, the Alpha 6000, which looks a lot like a combination of NEX-6 and NEX-7, is fantastic.