McLaren 600LT : At the Apex of Perfection

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Inclover Magazine

Respected for its restless pursuit to “how to make it better”, McLaren’s is far from done in being satisfied with its current endeavors. The McLaren 600LT is the next chapter in the aforementioned subject and here’s why.

Being only the fourth McLaren model to brandish the ‘Longtail’ name in 20 years, the 600LT bears all the traits of the significant hallmark entrusted upon it such as increased power, reduced weight, optimized aerodynamics, pure driver engagement, track-focused dynamics and limited availability, all while being perfectly road legal. The 600LT’s “Longtail” persona is visible through elongated silhouette by 74mm, extended front splitter, lengthened rear diffuser and fixed rear spoiler, though the real essence of a McLaren’s “Longtail” is way more than just make up and looks.

Extreme weight-saving measures were one of the major focus in building the McLaren 600LT. The lightweight yet robust carbon fibre monocoque chassis is 96kg lighter than the 570S Coupé and the improved bodywork design optimizes aerodynamic performance. The stark obsession to lightness is also evident in the implemented of aluminium double-wishbone suspension and the lightweight braking system from the second-generation McLaren Super Series, which go together with bespoke, track-focused Pirelli P Zero™ Trofeo R tyres in addition to quicker steering, improved throttle and brake pedals and the significantly firmer engine mounts.

The McLaren 600LT is powered by McLaren’s own twin-turbocharged, 3.8 litre V8 engine with uprated cooling system and reduced back pressure in a top-exit exhaust system which is more extreme than the McLaren Senna, delivering a brute 592bhp with maximum torque of 620Nm and power-to-weight ratio at 481PS/tonne.

McLaren 600LT’s minimalist interior is meant to be track-focused and just like the rest of the car, as light as possible. Carbon Fibre Racing Seats model installed in the 600LT is first seen in McLaren P1™, featuring lightweight Alcantara® trim material, the specialized seats are available in lieu of standard ones for further weight reduction. The McLaren Special Operations also offers a range of features that includes a carbon fibre roof and cantrails and vented carbon fibre front fenders. With every lightweight option fitted, the lightest dry weight of the McLaren 600LT is merely 1,247kg.

Volume of the new McLaren LT will be strictly limited. Production of the 600LT Coupé will begin in October 2018 and last for around 12 months, with build slots scheduled around existing Sports and Super Series models, as well as the sell-out Senna, Senna GTR and BP23.  The specialist carbon fibre body panels of the 600LT will also ensure that it is significantly rarer than its Sports Series brethren.